Company profile

Company ProfileApex Textile Printing Mills Limited (ATPML) is a fully vertical setup to manufacture high quality Knit-garments and both ladies & men's underwear using in-house fabrics and narrow fabrics. High quality knit-garments for infant and children are manufactured on one floor. Consisting of 32 lines. Another two sewing floors consisting of 63 lines produce floors men's and ladies underwear and others intimate apparels are made. Both the sewing floors use in-house circular knit or warp knit fabrics and components manufactured within the Apex textile complex. The plant is equipped with facilities to produce garments starting from the infant sleep sack / body suits to ladies / men's hooded sport jackets, based on designs, fabrics and accessories as required by the buyer. The garments can be from basic to complicated cut & sew, with placement prints, embroidery or both.

The production capacity of the knitwear section of ATPML is about 1.7-1.8 million pieces per month of knit garments and that of the underwear floors are about 3.6 - 4.0 million pieces per month. The two tables below shows the capacities of the 3 floors in ATPML.